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You are invited to a free webinar hosted by Middlesex University and the University of Nottingham:

Friday December 11th 2020 at 14.00 – 16.00

Entitled: HEALINT: A protocol for promoting safety and quality in international nursing practice training and quality monitoring




HEALINT is an EU funded project promoting safety and quality in international practice training by developing a protocol for quality monitoring and management tools that support higher education and healthcare institutions to offer and direct high-quality cross-border clinical placements.

In healthcare, student learning in clinical practice is an essential part of the curriculum. This is an imperative for learners across the globe, where there is a need to ensure the delivery of highly qualified future professional who can work locally regionally and internationally to provide patient care. Universities and healthcare settings play a part in facilitating global mobility opportunities to enrich student learning

Who is this for:  Nurses, clinicians, lecturers supporting nursing students. This webinar explores the concept of quality clinical learning environments and how to quality assure this in international environments to promote and expand placement experiences.

Project team:  Middlesex University and the University of Nottingham as partners in HEALINT are hosting this workshop to launch the outputs from HEALINT to quality assure clinical placements for nursing students undertaking international clinical placements. Website:

Benefit: Attendees will receive a certificate for 2 hours of CPD time.



Best wishes.

Dr. Sheila Cunningham 

Associate Professor/Middlesex University Senior Teaching Fellow/PFHEA

Director of Learning, Teaching and Quality (Health and Education)

Programme leader and Nursing Exchange Coordinator

Middlesex University

The Burroughs


London NW4 4BT

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