Is  a Member of the Committee of Circle of Health of Catalonia and Advisori Member of Nursing and Societe Fondation of the COIB and is a Member of American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) and a Member of board of PRAQSI Europe.

Montserrat Teixidor it has been identified in 2010 – like a fellow of d’American Academy of Nurising  FAAN. Washington 6 de November de 2010. “is a fellow in this Academy which has been established to provide the nursing profession with visionary leadership, advance scientific knowledge, and influence the development of effective health care policies and practices.


Teixidor has been a Dean of the Council of Nursing and Nursing Colleges of Catalonia (2011-2015).

Mrs. Teixidor has been constantly focused and dedicated to implement the autonomous role, humanization of care and to professionalize nursing. She has developed the deferent’s actions, to education and to implant project to interiorize nursing thinking, caring process and human values to ‘professionalize” all working nursing in the Primary care centers of the Catalan Health Institute. This project,  enabled to develop competencies, agents for change, 240 professionals and the expansion of the project throughout the caring

Mrs Teixidor has widely worked onto the nursing social projection. On of the main outcome is the publication Nurses supporting people, from Generalitat of Catalonia Govern.

Another constant working effort has been nursing research. Besides the already mentioned, it is important to highlight the work done at the Master of Business and Management of nursing care. 300 studies have been done throughout the years, and it is possible to find a summary of these in 4 publications about. “Research in business and management of nursing care”.

Montserrat has received several awards, including the HOMENOT AWARDS (2017),  AMAS Knot, Jerico Rose, Gold Butterfly. and the prize Santa Madrona for an “Exemplary trajectory” of the College of Nursing Santa Madrona’s Ex-students’ Association. To receive also the, Saint Jorge Cross awarded by the President of Catalonia; this was the first time that this award was given to a school of nursing and/or its Director/Dean. They are rewarded also with the Prize for the best nursing professional trajectory, delivered by the Honorable Minister of Health and Social Security, the Gold Medal awarded by the Catalan Nursing Association, and the Prize “Aprop teu 2008” awarded by the Professional College of Nursing of Barcelona delivered by the Minister of Health.