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RN, Postgraduate Tropical Medicine, MSc

Howest Nursing Education – Ghent – Belgium

Mr. Kurt Debaere is a registered nurse (University College South West-Flanders), postgraduate in tropical medicine (Institute for Tropical Medicine Antwerp) and Master of Science in health education and health promotion (University Ghent). At University Ghent he also graduated from the post academic course: initial teaching course higher education and e-learning in higher education at the Catholic University Leuven. Furthermore he is a certified quality coach for public services (Amelior).

From 1993 he was working as a nurse in several hospital wards and diagnostic services in hospitals in Belgium. Between 1995 and 1998 he was working in the Balkan and the Caucasus as a senior medical coordinator for Doctors Without Borders, preparing and supervising primary healthcare and community healthcare projects. Since 1999 he teaches health promotion, public health and social casework in the bachelor in nursing at the Howest University College West-Flanders.

As researcher he focusses on the study fields informal care support (‘wrap care’) and empowerment in home care  at the University College West-Flanders and Flemish home care services.

He’s the inspirer and project manager of ‘Mantelluisteren’, low trash-hold support initiatives for informal caregivers (families) of chronicle ill, elderly and handicapped people in homecare in the north of West-Flanders. These projects include supportive home visits and care holidays for ‘wrap carers’, educational workshops for health professionals and students, development of research based solutions to support ‘wrap carers’.

As responsible for the international office in the nursing education at the University College West-Flanders, he facilitates international exchange and participates in different international organizations and projects in Europe (European Federation of Nurse Educators, Nursing curricula in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cross Border Health Care, Evidence Based Practice) and south initiatives in Africa (prevention and treatment of esophagus burns in children in Guiney and Gambia) and Central America (introducing provider-patient communication as a new topic for training and research at health institutes in Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ecuador).

He organizes each year an international week on culture sensitive care.



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