Education and competencies for nurse educators in Europe

FINE Workshop 09 october 2015

University of Turku

Department of Nursing Science

20014 University of Turku, Turku, Finland


 In Europe,  the education of nurses has evolved towards a preparation today which is mostly delivered at a higher education level. In some countries this development poses certain problems related to a lack of  infrastructure and resources to support such change, including preparation for nurse educators and for institutions to meet these new demands.  Teachers of nursing must develop specific  competences during their preparation and they equally they must continue to develop lifelong professional competence through access to continuing professional development  in their nursing. For nurse education,  teachers are needed who can prepare this new level of nurse, and offer consistency and an agreed standard of education for the level if effective mobility for nursing is to remain a reality.  However,  there are notable disparities across Europe today on the question of nurse educator preparation, and the competences which must be required in order to prepare a new degree level nurse.

 General objective

FINE, in association with the department of nursing science at the University of Turku  have organised  this workshop which concentrates on exploring  the education and  the competencies which must be achieved by nurse educators, in order to teach nursing in Europe.

The principle objectives of this workshop are to compare and exchange  current practices and competences of nurse educators in order to harmonise and review education programmes for nurse educators. It is anticipated this will:

Encourage nurse educator mobility across the European Union and more widely in order to build participation and sharing or experience as well as developing participation in the development of research.

Specific Objectives

  • Identify the competences of teachers of nursing science in Europe.
  • Identify the levels and the programmes for nurse educators across Europe
  • Identify pedagogic strategies needed for the development of competencies which must be possessed by nurses.
  • Produce some recommendations
  • Contribute actively to the work of committees and societies going forward and to the work of the European Commission.
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