Would you like to play an active part in the governance of FINE by becoming a member of the Executive Board?

  • Send in your application before 15 October!
  • Electoral campaign: from 30 October to 5 December 2024
  • Voting at the General Assembly on 5 December 2024

Would you like to apply?

  • Send a cover letter, in Word format, of no more than 300 words describing in particular your interest in applying and the contribution you would like to make to FINE.
  • The cover letter will be published on the FINE website.
  • Send a photo (.gif or .jpeg format), portrait style and good resolution, for publication in the Candidate Presentation document.
  • Send your biography, in Word format, of a maximum of 300 words, describing the elements of your professional career which bring added value to FINE.
  • The application must be done through the link below before 15 October 2024.

To stand for election and/or to elect the members of the Executive Board, you must ensure that your organisation has renewed its annual membership of FINE, by 1 December 2024 at the latest.

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