Clinical reasoning. From classroom to clinical practice. From assessment to action

It was conducted by Katrin Balzer from Lubeck University. Prof. Dr. Katrin Balzer is head of the Nursing Research Group and the Bachelor’s degree programmes in nursing and nursing science at the University of Lübeck, Germany. In her research, she has conducted studies on nurses’ assessment of pressure ulcer risk and their related clinical reasoning. Currently, she is (co-)primary investigator in several studies on technologies and strategies to promote skills training and interprofessional competencies in undergraduate nursing education.

The objective of this webinar is to reflect on the specifics of nurses‘ clinical reasoning and diagnostic competencies and to discuss methods for building clinical reasoning competencies in nursing undergraduate education. Based on best available evidence, participants will share experiences and identify educational strategies that strengthen students’ competencies in evidence-based decision-making. Particular attention will be paid to the translation of competencies into actions and the roles, formats and challenges of clinical teaching in this area.

The webinar include brief lectures and iterative small group-work activities.

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