FINE Webinar 26 March 2020, 14:00 – 16:30 (free)

Learning from COVID experience: The perspective from Nursing education in Europe


    14:00 – Opening session : Cécile Dury

    • FINE President
    • Director of Health sector, Henallux, Belgium

    14:10 – Keynotes from European countries

    • 14:10 Prof. Fintan Sheerin (Ireland)
      Associate Professor in Intellectual Disability Nursing. Head of School. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Intellectual Disabilities. School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin
      “Protecting the status of nursing education during the Covid crisis: reflections from Ireland”
    • 14:30 Prof. Maria do Céu Barbieri-Figueiredo (Portugal)
      Senior Researcher University of Huelva, Spain. Coordinator Professor Nursing School of Porto
      “Lessons to take away from Covid 19 Pandemic in Nursing Education”
    • 14:50 Prof. Dr. Katrin Balzer (Germany)
      University Professor for Evidence-based Nursing, Head of Nursing Research Unit and Bachelor’s degree programme in Nursing, University of Lübeck
      “Nursing education during the pandemic: How to teach evidence-based person-centered care when evidence and personal contacts become rare”
    • 15:10 Prof. Jean-Christophe Servotte (Belgium)
      Professor. Cellule Recherche & Développement Centre Namur Simulation. Haute Ecole Namur-Liège-Luxembourg
      “Evolution of the supervision of students in clinical training, towards digital debriefing”

    15:30 – Round table with the participants

    Moderators :

    • Dr. Brigita Skela Savic (Slovenija)
      Professor, Research Councillor (PhD, MPhil, BA, RN), Head of Institute Angele Boškin for research’s in Health Care Sciences, Head of Chair for Health Care Sciences, Angela Boškin Faculty of Health Care
    • Dr. Carol Hall (United-Kingdom)
      Emeritus Professor of Nursing Education, School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

    15:50 – Conclusions

    • Cécile Dury : FINE President, Director of Health sector, Henallux, Belgique


    Since the spring of 2020, nursing education has adapted in most countries in Europe and internationally, adopting various strategies.
    Creativity has been required to keep nursing students in theoretical and clinical training, to enable them to graduate in the best conditions and be competent to join the nursing teams.
    This period was a source of stress for all the actors but also sometimes constituted vicarious experiences.
    While this pandemic is still present, its impact should be measured at different levels:

    • Educational innovations
    • Nurse educator’s training
    • The evolution of nursing education programs
    • Leadership

     Aim of the day

    To provide an opportunity for pre-service nurse educators to share their experiences following the COVID wave of spring 2020 in order to identify international trends.


    • Identify innovations introduced in both the educational and technological fields.
    • Compile the lessons learned in a crisis situation as well as in a normal operating mode.
    • Measuring the first impacts of the crisis and the changes made to the system
    • Formulate recommendations in this area


    • Nurse educators, faculty and managers of school of nursing offering preregistration programme in nursing from the area covered by FINE organization.


    March 26, 2021, 2 to 4 pm.

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