PRISME Seminar

“Prevent. Care. Accompany – Crossed looks”

In the context of the health system’s transformation in the national territory, it is essential to innovate to improve the quality and safety of care and thus better meet the needs of our fellow citizens. This cannot be done without a resolutely transdisciplinary approach in the field of health.

The PRISME axis (Pratiques Innovantes en Santé Mentale et Environnementale  – Innovative Practices in Mental and Environmental Health) of the INTERPSY laboratory (EA4432) invites you to participate in a sharing session on the theme “Prevention, Care, Accompanying”.

This seminar aims to:

  • present the work of the PRISME axis.
  • promote exchanges of experts, caregivers, researchers and students.
  • initiate an annual meeting to communicate around the work of the PRISME axis.

All those who are concerned about health will be able to gather around a cross-examination of practices and experiences.

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