Happy New Year 2019

Here we are at the beginning of a new year bringing hope.

It is a renewal that allows all hopes.

This is also the completion of a period and forcing the balance of our activities

For my part, it is also the end of the presidency of our federation. FINE

We have been able to realize together 2 congresses in 2014 (Nancy France and valetta, Malta) 2018 many Workgroups (Galatia Romania, Rome Italy, Turku Finland, Lyon France, Barcelona Spain, Brussels Belgium) many publications taking into account our desires to change our practices.

We have integrated the chaire of bioethics – Unesco, I have the honor to represent you in this presigious institution   and as such we have organized the “world bioethics day” since  2015.

Overall, I have joined with the executive to make our goals live and to give them meaning for:


  • Promote understanding and respect for the cultural and historical identity of our members while promoting optimal solutions to similar problems
  • Promote quality assurance and professionalism in nursing education.
  • Compare curricula, curricula and pedagogical methods and discuss teachers ‘ organizations, structures, levels and training,
  • Harmonize and improve curriculum and curricula.
  • Promote international trade and cooperation.
  • Inform and influence external groups and organizations in the areas of education and health at the national and international levels.
  • Changes in the level of nursing qualifications in some countries,
  • Take into account the environmental determinants that impact Health, changes in the needs and expectations of people accros europe

Integrate the new issues of  migration and psycho-traumatic disorders into the emergence of complex pathologies linked to aging or chronics pathologies.
• Influencing training and health policies at national and international level in the European Union
• Reaffirms strong  link between a high level of training and the quality and safety of the care provided.

Commit ourselves, with all our members and our memberhip, to promoting in Europe a nursing education that promotes the development of high-level professional skills to exercise an autonomous and responsible role
We have with our treasurer largely stabilized our cash and our finances, which allows the security of future actions
I urge the future president on this point of extreme vigilance because it is about the sustainability of our federation which only works on the memberships and its own funds without any subsidy


It’s a choice that guarantees autonomy and independence
Today I am proud to have been able to lead many projects with the executive and I sincerely thank you for giving me your trust and allowing this great adventure.
To have also allowed me to take the measure of this resolutely European professional family that we are and that we must remain.

This is how we will benefit from the expertise of some to evolve together towards more justice equity and excellence in our practices.
So together in a community of sharing and commitment we will demonstrate our leadership theme of our last meeting in Brussels
There is true leadership only if it is at the service of the collective and it is built together.
I will remain active and present on the executive side, within the advisory board, as honorary president of our federation and in its service.
I wish the new president and the executive in this new year:
Boldness so that things never stay in place, but evolve …
Trust to work together and remove doubts and fears
Courage to move forward and succeed

To you who work every day for a quality training,  development of research, excellence in care for the most vulnerable:  my whises is that 2019 allows you to achieve and live your dreams by bringing you serenity, Health, Peace and Joy.
That Fine bring genuine recognition and broadening of the skills of nursing teachers throughout Europe, in connection with other associations working in similar fields .
May our projects become reality in the interest of everyone’s health.
Happy New Year 2019


DR  Jane –Laure DANAN

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