Survey of teaching research to nursing students in France and around the world

Please find below the survey on the teaching of research to nursing students in France and in the world by Mrs Flora Devos.

Nurse and doctoral student in public health, I work on the transfer of knowledge between research and nursing practice. My doctorate is supervised by Pr. Chappuy, Hélène and Pr. Ancel, Pierre-Yves of the reception team 7323 of Pr. Tréluyer Jean-Marc: Evaluations of therapeutics and pharmacology of the child and the pregnant woman. My PhD is funded by the AP-HP Doctoral Research Award. For more information about my career.

As part of my PhD, I am conducting an online survey (GoogleForms) for trainers in a nursing training institute (initial training).

The purpose of this survey is to identify the theoretical contributions in research taught to students. The questionnaire consists of 19 main questions around the teaching of student research, databases, scientific English, Critical Reading Articles as well as general questions about the composition of the institution.

The filling of the questionnaire takes 15 minutes maximum.

Only one trainer per institute must answer the questionnaire.

In accordance with French regulations, this study is the General Data Protection Regulation (see doc RGPD).

I would like to emphasize that the survey is not an evaluation but will highlight the initiatives put in place as well as the disparities between training institute to the job of nurse / nurse by country and by region of France.

It is within the framework of this study that I allow myself to contact you today to solicit the participation of a trainer of your institute in my questionnaire (as far as possible the referent of the teaching research) or your help in disseminating the questionnaire to the Training Institutes in your country.

My survey aims to be as exhaustive as possible, if you have contacts likely to be vectors of diffusion and / or participants, do not hesitate to send them this email.

Click here to complete the survey

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